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Essential Manners for Every Day

Lessons are perfect for young ladies and gentlemen ages 5 and up.

Our etiquette lessons are surprisingly "fun and not stuffy," according to our young participants. For over two years, Tetiquette has brought teaching experience into Chicagoland homes by conducting lessons in manners that are relevant to children and their parents, covering common situations and challenges and paving the way for a little more household harmony. 

Engaging, guided instruction covers topics such as

Tetiquette Lessons


We help families focus on manners and conduct most relevant to grade school age children — greetings and conversation, table manners and social niceties — beyond the basic please's and thank you's.

Tetiquette's lessons are conducted in comfortable, home-based settings, using real-life situations. Packages of three sessions are available, which focus on some of the most sticky situations parents face today.


We can customize lessons to cover specific household needs.

For package pricing or more information, give us a call at 773-466-5866.

  Table manners



  Respect for others

  Self discipline

  Electronics usage

  And the "why should I?" answers for all of the above